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Tool for TPRS Language Teaching

This works best in the Microsoft Edge internet browser. The voice quality for the text to speech is better in Edge than Chrome. You may want to adjust your zoom in the browser to make sure everything fits ok. (I have only tested this on the PC with Edge and Chrome.)

First click change settings and select the target language voice you would like to use. I recommend setting the rate to .8 if you are learning/teaching a language.

Double click on a word or the main image to change it.

Mouse over any box to have the target word(s) read to you.

The top word(s) in each box is the original language word.

The bottom word(s) are the target language.

If you want to add words in the target language that will not be read to you, simply put the words inside of parentheses. Example: (this)

To load a picture in the center, drag and drop an image file from your computer to the center area.

This web page will save the settings, images, and text in the local storage until browser cache is manually cleared.

You can use the save slots to for words, images, and settings.

This was coded by Warren Churulich -

See demo video.